LVProxy has been sitting idle do to the busy events of life but, thanks to the loyal visitors who continued to visit even though the site wasn't being updated has motivated me to bring in back to life! Starting today I'll be adding a lot of new pr0xies, bypassing methods, hacks and so much more. Stick around for the updates and please, your input is always welcomed :)

Updates originally Posted on the main page:

10-10-11---Thank You to everyone who has continued to use this site even though it hasn't been properly updated and maintained like it should be. Your dedication has payed off though because as of today I’m planning to add a lot of new content. Stay posted for the updates and remember, your suggestions are always welcome.

Updates include:

-New Proxies

- Back Up Server in case this page is down or becomes blocked. The address is

-Blog has been added.

7-9-10---I have noticed a recent jump in the number of visitors viewing this page. If the continues, I may reopen this site and update and improve the content. xD

1-9-09---Ok so Im a little behind...I am now working on redirecting users from this site to the BIGGER BETTER SITE. Sorry for the inconvience...As of now I will no longer update this site.

12-25-08---Countdown clock added.

12-14-08---It's offical, this site will be merging with to become an even bigger, better site. No big details yet but the "MERGE" is expected to be completed on January 1,2009.

12-13-08----Yesterday this site was blocked by the network I was on, it was blocked under forums and filehosting. Two things I didn't think it would be blocked for. No matter, for now LVProxy will just be hosted through the new site address but plans of this site merging with with another site are possibly in the works!!!

11-4-08----Found a list of "pr0xies" that work surprisingly fast. go to the "bypassers page to check them out."

10-20-08----I recently figured out that the music player may not work on certain filtered computers which sort of aggravates me...Hopefully I will find a better player soon.


    LV Proxy was started back in October of 2008 as a way to help out people  at my local school use their computers to the fullest and help them to increase or decrease their productivity (they get to choose the last part LOL). Now years later, LVP has visitors from all around the world and it hasn't even begun to show users its full potential. :)


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